Your 5 step guide to to registration and design submission for JK 2021 - Junk Kouture

Your 5 step guide to to registration and design submission for JK 2021

As you add the finishing touches to your creations and with the competition closing date looming (Friday 30th April) here’s all you need to know on registering and submitting your design’s application for the 2021 Junk Kouture Fashion Design Competition.



1. Download our app here.


Our current features include:



Register an account with JK as a Creator, Educator or Fan to join an exclusive platform.

  • Creator: A young creative between the ages of 13 -18, who wishes to take part in Junk Kouture.
  • Educator: A teacher or mentor who works with young people aged 13 -18, who are taking part in Junk Kouture.
  • Fan: Has an interest in Junk Kouture or is supporting a competition entrant.


Competition Entry

Creators aged 13 -18 can enter the Junk Kouture competition solo or as part of a team of 3 creators using our app! Enter through a guided process by providing details about the design and uploading the relevant media:

  • – Design name
  • – Design description
  • – Material description
  • – Images of design
  • – Video of design
  • – Selected performance music
  • – School information
  • – Educator selection
  • – Team members


REMEMBER – If entering in a team, one creator will take responsibility for filling out the application!


2. Tell us about your design


Create a name unique and relevant to your creation!

In 600 characters (not words) write a design description. This is your chance to tell the judges about the inspiration or story behind the design, any fashion design technique you used in the creation of your garment or any weird or wonderful facts about your design!

In 400 characters (not words) write a materials description. Tell us exactly what waste material(s) you chose to gather and give a new life to! Where did you collect your material(s) from? Is there a particular number of that material used? Here’s your chance to tell us!


TIP – Write your design and material description in third person. Click here for an example: The design was inspired by, the team, together they…


3. Upload your media


Create a 60-second video in portrait orientation of your Junk Kouture design and upload it to either TikTok or YouTube. Once uploaded, copy the URL link and paste it into the video link section of the app. Looking for inspiration from past participants? Watch their videos here.


Choose a song you’d like to perform to at the next stage of the competition from Spotify or Apple Music. Copy and paste the link into music section on the app and HEY PRESTO! It’s as easy as that!


Using your smartphone, it’s time to take some photographs of your masterpiece! Upload a maximum of 10 images straight from your phones photo album showing off all the angles and detail of your creation.


Looking for videography and photography tips to make your video and images stand out from the crowd, all from shooting content with your mobile device? Watch the latest webinar on the registration process with guest host Andrew Jordan providing his videography and photography tips including:


  • – Writing the script
  • – Choosing the location
  • – Lighting the scene
  • – Filming the design
  • – Recording voiceover
  • – Editing
  • – Taking photos
  • – Editing photos


Watch the webinar here!


4. Provide your schools information


Type in your school’s name and click the correct school from the drop-down box!


5. Connect with your educator and team members!


– In the search bar, type in your team members and teacher’s names.

– To double check you have the correct people, ask them what their username is.

– Once you have added the correct people and select enter an invite will be sent to their accounts.

– Team members and educators will receive a notification and they must accept the request for the designs application to be valid.

– Once accepted, you will receive a notification alerting you of this and all members will receive a summary of the submission made.


And there you have it! If you’ve made it through these steps you and your design are now registered for the 2021 Junk Kouture Competition!


Don’t forget all submissions must be complete by Friday 30th April 2021 for the first round of judging to take place.


The VERY best of luck!