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Our mission


Our goal


By presenting a unique platform, Junk Kouture aims to instill belief in the mindset of young people, and make them believe that they can achieve whatever they want.

From an idea to a finished product, from a concept to a tailored performance, creativity in Junk Kouture is the driving factor of every single aspect of this contest.

We task young people with exploring their inner brilliance, believing in it and in themselves.

Many say “to see is to believe”. We want Junk Kouture to allow young people to dream and explore ways of making their dream a reality, helping them succeed along the way.


The great thing about the Junk Kouture is our unique working culture. As the Company grows, we do not wish to lose this culture, rather that we want a way to share it with all employees and anyone associated with Junk Kouture. We have created five core values, which more clearly define what our Junk Kouture culture is. These are reflected in everything we do and every interaction we have. Our core values are the framework from which we make all our decisions. As a new employee of Junk Kouture, we will value your input and reward good performance. In return, we expect that you live by the core values.


Put Family FIrst

We all have families – mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, partners etc. If one of our team needs to be with a family member then we recognise that their family takes priority over everything else, and we find another way to solve the gap left in the company. If one of our kids is shy about going on stage, we are there to support and encourage. And remember, we are all a big family too, so take care of others.

Excellence Always

The things you do should be done to the fullest of your potential and should always be done right. Always push yourself with the question ‘what would make what I am doing even better? – what would make it shine?’. If we all strive for 100% all the time, we will achieve great things together.

Humility Above all else

While the company has a structure and a hierarchy of control, it is important that we all respect one another. To get respect, you must give it. The only way you can grow as a team is if everyone feels equal inclusion and value within that team. We believe that no one has the answers to all problems; we can always learn from others and we live by the motto “don’t bite me – beat me”. If you have a better solution offer it up, you never need to knock other’s ideas. This creates a culture where people are afraid to offer ideas for fear of ridicule, rather we encourage others to bring new ideas and try them.

Risk Taking DNA

The only way to innovate is to try new things. Trying new things sometimes means taking risks that things may not work out. An employee should not be afraid or risks, but we do have to review those that have went wrong and move to not repeat those things.

We leave our Comfort Zones at the door

We want to learn about ourselves, our team makes, our world around us and we are naturally curious to learn new ways of operating. The best way to move outside your comfort zone is to volunteer for work you wouldn’t usually do – things you would think you cannot do.

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