Meet Aoibheann McCaul: Junk Kouture Alumni - Junk Kouture

Meet Aoibheann McCaul: Junk Kouture Alumni

Meet Aoibheann McCaul, hugely successful Irish actress and voice over artist.  


And she’s one of our Junk Kouture Alumni! You probably know her from her roles in Hardy Bucks and Fair City, just to name a few!   

Aoibheann took part in the competition in 2002 as a designer, creator and performer. Recently, we got a chance to speak with her all about her own Junk Kouture experience and why she recommends the competition to anyone who can take part!   


‘Junk Kouture was a highlight of secondary school for me, and something I would recommend it to everyone! I wasn’t into art, because I didn’t think I was talented enough, but I always loved it and had a creative urge. 


Creating our Junk Kouture design was extremely hard work, but so satisfying to channel our passions into one project collectivelyThe competition was fierce even within our school and at the regionals, but it has always been a competition that really brought people together.  


On game day, when you take to the runway and strut your stuff, there are so many stunning ideas being brought to life! It is the ultimate spectacle, and there is no negativity in the competition. It feels like a festival! 

Now, I am an actress and I work as a Creative Associate for the Arts Council. I work with schools to help them become more creative and I always advocate Junk Kouture. Although it is a lot of work, it is a worthwhile reward. The competition teaches resilience, determination, creativity, teamwork, planning, and the whole process has benefits for mental health as a creative outlet and for a sense of achievement. Whether you qualify for the regionals and finals or not, you will have seen an idea through to fruition and that is something to be hugely proud of!’