Junk Kouture - 2020 Competition

2020 Competition

junk kouture: 2020 competition results

Students from across Ireland battle it out to be crowned winner of the 2020 Junk Kouture Grand Final Powered by RTÉ. See and hear the top 40 finalists creations and the powerful messaging behind them.



For Junk Kouture 2020, we decided to make our dress out of sea glass, recycled glass and plastic milk cartons. Our dress is
named ‘Synergy’ as it means the interaction or cooperation of two or more substances. To make the dress we sewed the
sea glass onto the dress. To make the glass panels for our dress we smashed glass into fine piece and sprinkled it on top of
pva glue and we cut every petal and circle from the milk cartons individually. Our dress design was inspired by Elle Sabb.
We seen her designs and instantly fell in love with her fish tail dresses.