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The students from Moate Community School have been taking part in Junk Kouture since the beginning of the competition in 2010. Every year, the school delivers creative and innovative ideas and show-stopping designs. 

Recently, we got to chat with Moate Community School art teacher Pamela Keogh and ask her some questions about what Junk Kouture means to her and her students. Firstly, we wanted to know about how the competition has benefited them. ‘There are so many benefits. Students make new friends, they develop teamwork skills, they learn how to research and take inspiration from the world around them. Their confidence can grow and be enriched too – all while having fun! Junk Kouture has been great for the art department in our school to – it’s the equivalent of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition or the Football Championships for the artistic and creative students.’ 

Next, we wanted to know what Pamela’s top tip was, as a teacher taking part in Junk Kouture. She told us that it’s important to get the students interested early. ‘When they come into first year, let them see what’s going on with that year’s competition. Show them the current projects and maybe have them collect materials! Demonstrate to them that hard work pays off, and waste can become something beautiful and eye catching!’ 

When we asked Pamela about her Junk Kouture highlight, she couldn’t pick one! Think helicopter rides at the Cannes Film Festival, winning the Teacher Hall of Fame award and the features of her students on the front pages of the Irish Times AND Irish Independent newspapers 


‘It’s been a great experience so far and I look forward to many more years of bringing students on this empowering journey.’  


Moate Community School – Keep up the amazing talent! Check back next week to read all about ‘Behind the Designs’. 

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