Classroom Kouture Winner Announced in partnership with EUROSPAR - Junk Kouture

Classroom Kouture Winner Announced in partnership with EUROSPAR


🎉✨ Drumroll, please! 🥁✨

We’re beyond excited to announce the winning primary school of Classroom Kouture, brought to you by Junk Kouture and your local EUROSPAR supermarkets!

Earlier this year, we called on budding fashionistas, creative kids, and climate activists in primary schools across Ireland to think of an inspiring story, collect waste materials, and create one Junk Kouture design. The results are nothing short of spectacular! ✨

The overall winning design is…Lunch in Bloom by the talented 4th class students at St Anne’s Primary School, Limerick. 🌸 Their vibrant, short-front, long-train dress is inspired by school lunches and features flowers crafted from face masks, Carambola lunch bags, and fabric. 🧵

We’re also thrilled to recognise the incredible creativity of 4 more classroom designs:

🌊 Elegant Ocean by the 6th class students from Swords Educate Together National School, Dublin. This mermaid-themed dress, inspired by the ocean and the Rainbow Fish story, is made from various scrap fabrics. 🐠👗

🌈 The Sunshower Dress by the 4th class students from Garrabane National School, Waterford. Featuring a rainbow-patterned skirt made from melted plastic, a sunny yellow top crafted from reused paper, and a teddy bear hat, this dress symbolises harmony with nature through recycling. 🧸♻️

🌍 Seagirl by the 4th class students from Gaelscoil Uí Éigeartaigh, Cork. Focused on environmental awareness and conservation, this design uses recycled materials like an old hospital gown to symbolize the girls’ dedication to protecting the planet. 🏥💚

🥇 Olympic Gold by the 4th, 5th, and 6th class students from St Josephs National School, Cork. Inspired by Skibbereen Rowing Club and the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games, this design represents unity and strength with denim for resilience, CDs for the Ilen River, a flame cape & headpiece for the Olympic torch and rings, and wellies from the rowing club. 🚣‍♀️🔥🎽

Catch these stunning designs on display at the upcoming Dublin City Final! 🎤✨

A huge thank you to all the primary schools, educators, and students who participated in Classroom Kouture this year. Your creativity and commitment to sustainability are truly inspiring! 🙌💚

A special message from the judge Stephen McLaughlin, fashion designer at SML London: “A huge congratulations to all of our Classroom Kouture contestants. I’ve been so impressed with the wide variety of skills and techniques used throughout your projects. It’s exciting as a designer to see projects with such great creative imagination and getting to see young people hone in on skills that are so important in the working world. Learning to work within a team, problem-solving, and understanding the journey of the creative process. The future of Irish design is in safe hands. Congratulations again!” #JunkKouture #ClassroomKouture #EUROSPAR #CreativeKids #ClimateChampions