LAOCHRA GAEL - Junk Kouture
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Coláiste Iósaef, Kilmallock


Patrick Finn
Kevin Sheedy
Dean Casey


Michele Daly

Design Description

We are team Laochra Gael For our idea we got the inspiration form the Limerick team of 2018. They battled hard through the year and got the prize they deserved. We then thought about how ancient Roman gladiators battled. We combined these two for our project. For the suit we used over 100m of metal banding, around 500 rivets and leather offcuts. We combined these to give us the end product. We then collected bottles caps from local pubs and spray painted them to put onto our suit. This gave the suit color and uniqueness for it to stand out. There was no glue used in the suit LAOCHRA GAEL Abú!