Shoelace Showcase - Junk Kouture
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Shoelace Showcase


Sancta Maria College, Louisburgh

Design Description

Our design was created with the idea that we wanted to create something classy from something considered distasteful and to prove that even the cheapest things can make an outfit. At the beginning the aim was vague but over a few weeks, a clear view of what we wanted to do was created. The concept of \trash to treasure\” was beginning to be explored in more than one context. \”Trash to treasure trashy to couture.\” That’s what our design is expressing. Everything we did to develop our costume to its final appearance took hours days and weeks of time and effort proving the idea that maintaining a look requires hard work no matter what you’re working with. Our Spanish exchange students gave a helping hand with different braiding styles which are embellishing the corset. The German exchange students came up with the idea for the handbag. Days were spent braiding boxes of laces and fraying them and even more, time was spent putting it together. We encountered problems- such as keeping the skirt up and a mishap involving hot glue and the corset but thanks to our team and the help of our teacher the crisis was averted with a bit of thinking. The costume is much more of a thoughtful project and is aimed at the emotional side of the concept instead of a huge flashy display of glitter and cardboard. The design was created to evoke thought and emotion in the audience and in ourselves. To break down the walls of fashion and trample the idea of stereotypes and generalized ideas. We executed our concept and have faith that it reads as it is supposed to.”