Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions:

This is our first time entering the competition and we know registration doesn’t open until January. Is there anything we need to do prior to registration opening? 

All you have to do between September and January (when registration opens) is plan, create and make your design! Remember to include accessories! If you are from a school that has not entered the competition in previous years, we are here to answer your questions! Contact us at info@junkkouture.com


Does our team have to register through our school or can we register with our friends?

If you are planning on entering the competition, it is important that your teacher initially registers an account for your school. Once student registration opens in January you will be required to select your teacher, who is listed on your registration. This is in lines with our child protection policy.  Please note that all team members involved in the design must be from the same secondary school.


In regards to the documentation requested (for teacher registration) is it the teaching council certificate and a new garda vetting certificate or is it the one that was needed when registering as a teacher?

All teachers are required to submit their teaching council/garda vetting verification along with photo ID.


When does the student registration close for 2019?

Student registration stays open for two weeks from Jan 7th – Jan 21st. As per previous years, any details of competition registration extensions will be posted on our social channels. Watch those spaces!


Why is the closing date for student registration at the end of January?

This is to ensure enough time for judging, to contact successful applicants and to leave enough time for schools to organise logistics and performances for attending and participating in the regional shows.


When does the teacher registration close for the 2019 competition?

All teachers are required to have registered an account and uploaded requested documents prior to student registration opening on January 7th. Teacher registration has been extended to Friday January 4th. Please ensure your teacher is registered by them to avoid any delays in student registration.


When do we have to have our outfit fully ready for?

Pictures of the fully finished outfit will need to be uploaded to the app before the registration closes.


Do we need to have someone wearing the dress in the photos we upload?

This is not a necessity, however it does help to have the dress pictured on your model. Ensure photos are clear so we can see the finer detail of the outfit.


What do we need for registration, do we need music?

The student registration area is self-explanatory and very easy to follow. Here is where you upload your team details, information about the design/dress, photos and music choice.


What does it mean by create a display board for the judges?

We suggest creating a display board should you reach the regional finals. The purpose of this is to display to the judges the work that had went into creating the dress prior to performing on stage during the live shows.


If we make it to the regional finals, do the judges inspect the dresses up close?

Yes! Before each regional show begins each judge will personally inspect team designs to see the finer details, materials used and talk to the designers.


Why do the models have to put on a performance?

Due to the nature of the competition and it’s status as a live event, it is essential for team models to participate in the show by performing on the catwalk. This allows the audience and judges to view the design in greater detail.


Can we use a second hand dress as our base layer, can we use glitter and paint? / Are you allowed to cut up and reuse old clothes and shoes for your Junk Kouture entry or does it all have to be recyclables like cartons and paper?

Of course, you can use any old clothing and shoes in your design, as long as they’re no longer in use. You can also use new materials such as glue, staples, paint, glitter etc, to put your design together and manipulate the main recycled materials in your design.


Can we have 3 team members involved and a separate model?

No. Teams can have a maximum of three members, one of which should also be the model. Useful information can be found in the handbook https://junkkouture.com/app/uploads/2018/10/jk-handbook-2018.pdf


Can I use pyrotechnics and request specific lighting for my performance?

No – our event production team look after all lighting and special effects, and are varied for each design and their performance on stage. We cannot accommodate any special requests.


When do you suggest making an Instagram page for your outfit?

It is entirely up to the student team. Some people create pages during the design process and use this as a means of communicating their outfit progress updates. Others wait until they have been selected for the regional finals.



Why is there online voting?

Use of the online voting system allows us to acknowledge the creativity of the students and their creation, while also creating awareness and highlighting the importance of reusing and recycling through the platform of social networking  sites.


Is the online voting system not unfair on smaller schools?

No – In previous years, designs from smaller towns have statistically achieved majority votes, which may be down to better community spirit.


Can we see how many votes our team have on the online voting system?

Yes – Your team votes will be tallied up instantly and displayed for you to see.


How do you register to vote?

You need to register on https://app.junkkouture.com/voter/register with your full name, mobile number and select a password.


How do I login to vote after I have registered?

You will login to your account via https://app.junkkouture.com/login and vote from your dashboard. The dashboard allows you to search/filter for the design you wish to vote for. You can vote for numerous designs each day.


How do I get extra votes?

When you have logged on to your voter dashboard you will be able to click ‘vote’ – ‘get more votes’. This will direct you to a sub page with options for getting more votes. Please note that the magic word will be located on our Instagram story daily, and you can upload this on your dashboar


What is Super Friday?

On Friday, the app will allow you to give all the votes you have accumulated throughout the week to one specific design! Who will you choose?


Why do I have to register with my mobile number?

We request a mobile number when registering as a voter, as it allows us to ensure that the competition is fair and that all votes are coming from verified (through use of a verification code) registered voters.



What date and time is the 2019 Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture Final?

The Grand Final takes place on Thursday May 2nd at the 3Arena, Dublin. Bank of Irleand Fun in the Foyer starts at 3:00pm and the live show starts at 7:00pm.


Where can I buy tickets, and how much are these? 

Tickets are available from https://www.ticketmaster.ie/Junk-Kouture-tickets/artist/1980424

Ticket prices: €30 – €40 (plus booking fee)


How many designs are in the Grand Final?

There are 80 finalists which amounts to 16 design teams from each region (North, East, Dublin, West and South)


When if the Grand Final online voting?

The Grand Final voting commences on Monday 1st April at 10am and finishes at midnight on Friday 5th April. This enables finalists to gain 10% worth of marks from the public vote which is then added to the overall scores at the live Grand Final show.