All you have to do between now and January (when registration opens) is round up your team, plan, create and make your design! Remember to include accessories, eye catching footwear and a headpiece! If you are from a school that has not entered the competition in previous years, we are here to answer your questions! Contact us at info@junkkouture.com

You must enter the competition and register through your school. Your teacher should register initially between 1 October – 1 November, and you will then select the teacher on your team dashboard. We need a teaching professional to register due to child protection regulations and policies. It is essential that all team members are from the one secondary school.

This is to ensure enough time for judging, to contact successful applicants and to leave enough time for schools to organise transportation and performances for the regional shows.

Yes. The dates have been listed previously in the handbook and the venues remain the same; Millennium Forum (North), The Helix (East, South East), TF Theatre Royal (West), University Concert Hall (South).

We request that photos are uploaded of the finished outfit during student registration in January 2020. It is essential that the outfit is finished at this time for the initial judging process – remember, the judges make the initial decisions by looking at the content each team uploads.

This is not a necessity; however, it does help to have the dress pictured on your model (or a mannequin). Ensure photos are clear so we can see the finer detail of the outfit.

We suggest creating a display board should you reach the regional finals. The purpose of this is to display to the judges the work that had went into creating the dress prior to performing on stage during the live shows.

Yes! Before each regional show begins each judge will personally inspect team designs to see the finer details, materials used and talk to the designers.

Due to the nature of the competition and its status as a live event, it is essential for team models to participate in the show by performing on the catwalk. This allows the audience and judges to view the design in greater detail.

Of course, you can use any old clothing and shoes in your design, as long as they are no longer in use. You can also use new materials such as glue, staples, paint, glitter etc, to put your design together (if required) and manipulate the main recycled materials in your design.

No. Teams can have a maximum of three members, one of which should also be the model.

No – our event production team look after all lighting and special effects and these are varied for each design and their performance on stage. We cannot accommodate any special requests.

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