International Women’s Day - Junk Kouture

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate all the achievements of women around the world. Here at Junk Kouturethe majority of our vibrant team are women. These dynamic, talented and unique women are at the centre of who we are as a company and we are so very proud of them. Today, we wanted to take some time to appreciate them.   


Megan is our SVP Operations, which involves overseeing the daily operations of the company. She is very proud to have completed her BSc in Event Management and a MSc in Marketing as a ‘mature student’.  In her spare time, you can find her out on hikes in her home county, Donegal. 


Katie is our VP PR and Communications. She entered Junk Kouture is in 2012 and to this day, can’t help but perform the full routine to her designs theme son, Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre when she hears it play! Katie is super proud to have run her first 10km recently – consistency is key! 


Since January, Anna has been our VP Social Media. In her spare time, she’ll be out walking the River Lagan towpaths in Belfast and, pre-COVID, spending time with friends! She is very proud to be studying Communication, Advertising and Marketing at Ulster University.  


Meet Beatriz! She is our VP Digital Broadcasting and Wellbeing. She loves watching her favourite TV show, FRIENDS and is very proud to have left her job in a bank and moved from Brazil to Ireland aged 20 on her own!  


Ruth is our SVP Global City Partnerships and has been with us since December 2020. Her great love is for cycling, and she is very proud to have gained the confidence to do this over the past year. She has recently planned her first cycling holiday for when things are back to normal, but for now is content with spinning around her 5km. 


Diane is our Chief Operating Officer. She is a mum to two grown-up daughters and two adorable mini schnauzers. She loves to spend time hiking in the Mourne Mountains and is particularly proud of completing her MA History at QUB Belfast last year.  


Sam is our new VP of Brand & Design, she started one week ago! Sam is a super proud mum to a one year old daughter, their favourite activity is to draw in chalk all over their shed and wait for the rain to send a new canvas! Once a week, she swims in the icy Irish sea.  

These are the women who make Junk Kouture what it is and we appreciate them so much. Who are you celebrating this International Women’s Day?