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The Junk Kouture 2021 competition will proceed however there will be no live events this year due to the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The competition application process will open online on January 25th, 2021. There will be a new format to this for 2021, with the competition taking place digitally. As a company, we have never felt that cancelling the competition was an option for us and have worked very hard to ensure that the competition will proceed in January 2021 in a fitting way.

For 2021, there will be no public attending events for us. We have made the decision internally in relation to the uncertainties around the Covid-19 pandemic. With the competition taking place digitally, it offers opportunity for young people across six territories namely Ireland, France, Italy, United Kingdom, New York, and Sao Paulo to participate in an international digital competition. There will be a digital grand final scheduled for June 2021.

The Junk Kouture digital competition application process will open on January 25th, 2021. Please see list of dates relating to the competition below.


(From) November 12thRegister a JK Member account on the new Junk Kouture app (iOS/Android)
January 25thJunk Kouture 2021 Digital Competition – application open (on app)
April 19thJunk Kouture 2021 Digital Competition – application closes (on app)
April 26th
to May 10th
Junk Kouture 2021 Digital Competition – voting week
(on app)
May 24th to May 29thJunk Kouture 2021 Territorial Grand Finalists announcements
June 24th (T.B.C.)Junk Kouture 2021 International Digital Grand Final

Junk Kouture 2021 will be completely digital this year. Participants will be invited to register as a JK Member on our new Junk Kouture app from November 12th 2020. The competition application process will take place on this app and open in January 2021 where students will be required to upload the information surrounding their design. This application process will offer a 12-week window for Junk Kouture submissions followed by a week of voting, announcements and a grand final which brings the six territories together for a digital event. There will be no physical shows due to Covid-19.

Generally, artists are already working on their recycled couture designs from September, when they return to school. With a number of changes in the way things are done in school, and in the external environment, as a result of COVID-19, we have restructured the application process for Junk Kouture 2021. The application process will open for 12 weeks from January 25th. This will allow for sufficient and extra time for individuals and teams to work on their creations. We will constantly review the advice and decisions made by territorial government bodies as the health and safety of those involved in this competition is paramount. If there is a change to the application period, people will be notified of the relevant changes on our website, app, and social channels.

Yes, family members, peers, friends, anyone, and everyone will be able to attend the digital grand final in June, but this time they can do this virtually as their will be no live event due to COVID-19. A full programme of activity and engagement will be accessible throughout this live stream. More information will follow on our website and social channels later in 2021 in advance of this show.

There is no cap on the number of entries for Junk Kouture 2021 per territory. Both individuals and groups are invited to participate. Per region, a max. of 10 entries will be selected as International grand finalists. Therefore, there will be a total of 60 designs in this.

All plans around this will be published on our website in January 2021. The application system along with voting and participant engagement will remain on our new Junk Kouture app. Available for download from November 2020.

Participant Questions

There is no entry fee associated with entering a recycled couture design into Junk Kouture 2021.

All judging from initial selection of designs to the territorial shortlist (10 per territory) to the final judging of those shortlisted will take place remotely for the 2021 competition.

  1. JK members invited to enter the competition on the Junk Kouture app from Jan 25. Once this application period closes, initial screening of all submitted entries will take place by our internal team.
  2. All designs that have met the criteria (i.e. completed all stages of the application process) will be sent to our panel of experts for judging. Remember that there will be opportunity to gain extra marks through a voting process on our app in early May. All judging will take place on our execute platform – an extension to the Junk Kouture app.
  3. Judging of each territory will see 10 designs chosen to represent their region in an international digital grand final in June. From there, our winners will be selected. Processes around the judging process and what judges expect to see will be available in late 2020. Some elements of our T&Cs may change, and if they so, we will inform all interested parties of these changes in good time.

All designs will be uploaded to the junk Kouture app. The designer will have opportunity to share their design on the platform with their peers once submitted. For those that have been selected as international grand finalists, we will require extra content about the design. Information on this will be available in early 2021. As there will be no live event, all content will be viewed on a digital stream which means we may have video guidelines in place for finalists to adhere to.

We are currently working on suitable partners for next year’s junk Kouture competition. More information to follow.

Junk Kouture have in place GDPR guidelines, which will be reviewed and enhanced, where necessary over the coming months. These are available on our website, located within our privacy policy.

The format will change significantly given the shift to digital. We are working on the best approach to this to ensure a positive and engaging event experience for all participants and attendees. More information on this will follow.

We will ensure that appropriate child protection measures are in place for Junk Kouture 2021. More information to follow.

With the change in how the competition functions, Junk Kouture will provide a variety of resources in advance of the competition registration in January. There will be a series of webinars, online tips and tools, downloadable handbook, and educator presentation available from October 2020.

The deadline for submission via the Junk Kouture app is the 19th of April. There will be no extension beyond this date. Failure to complete the application by this deadline will result in exclusion from the competition.

This is all down to you. The only thing we require is that the design is made entirely from recycled materials (materials that have outlived their intended purpose, factory rejected items etc.). If you need inspiration for your design, then why not check out our social channels @junkkouture and have a look at past competitor designs.

Designers can enter as a solo entry or in a group (max. of 3 team members) – we advise discussing this with your teachers/parents. For the 2021 digital competition we do not require designers to attend the same school – we encourage peer to peer engagement and teamwork. Should you be successful in the competition i.e. selected as a territorial grand finalist, we will require an adult (i.e. educator) to be assigned to your team.

Yes, all participants will be required to download the Junk Kouture app, create a member account, and then enter the competition once this opens in January. If you are entering as a team, you will be able to link with your peers on the app at this time.

Both images and a short video will be required at submission. We will publish tips and guidelines for doing this in advance of the competition opening in January.

The judges will view your design on our eXecute platform. Therefore, we recommend that photos and video content are of very good quality – we want them to see the finer detail of your design.

No, unfortunately due to Covid-19 we will not be hosting any of these events for 2021. Instead, we will host Insta-lives, tutorials, masterclasses and Q&A sessions on our social channels. Make sure to follow us @junkkouture to get the latest information about the competition.

Attendee Questions

The virtual event will be open up to everyone.

This is to be confirmed – further information regarding this will follow in advance of the 2021 competition.

People can view the Junk Kouture designs by registering on the Junk Kouture app. These will be visible once the competition opens. Further information on this will be available at a later date.


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