JK ALUMNI: Arthur Mulvihill - Junk Kouture

JK ALUMNI: Arthur Mulvihill

My Junk Kouture Experience:

I competed in Junk Kouture in both 2017 and 2018. The main reason why I decided the try my hand at the competition was because of my growing interest in fashion. I began experimenting with my look and discovered that my dream job was to be a fashion designer.

My design for the 2018 competition was called ‘What Lies Beneath’ a dress made of cow bone and recycled fabric blinds. I had so much fun designing my dress and putting it from paper to form, but the most challenging part of it was deciding on the shape of the bodice, I wanted something subtle yet flattering, that wouldn’t take away from the glamorous skirt that I had made. It turned out amazing, actually!

The Junk Kouture competition was a learning experience that I will never forget. I figured out that fashion was very important in my life, and how to use it to express myself in every way imaginable. Junk Kouture has given me the opportunity to travel to Cannes Film Festival to show my design on the red carpet and gave me the opportunity to study fashion and design in The Limerick School of Art and Design.

I would most definitely recommend Junk Kouture to anyone who has a creative spark, it can open up a whole new world of thinking to you that you may have thought you never had. Junk Kouture inspired me to create a dress from materials that I would not have even thought was possible, I have applied the creative spirit that Junk Kouture encourages to upcycle and recycle clothing into something completely new. It has empowered me to take on jobs and experiences that I would have never thought suited my skill set, and succeed in areas that I never believed I could succeed in.


That was then. This is now.
Since Junk Kouture I have worked with fashion companies, styled photo shoots and I am currently going into my second year of studying fashion at LSAD. I have fully accepted the life of a creative and have ventured in music, modelling and only hope to expand this list in the future