Junk Kouture Designers Take to the Pendulum Summit! - Junk Kouture

Junk Kouture Designers Take to the Pendulum Summit!

Yesterday, we attended the @Pendulum Summit in Dublin, where attendees were treated to a short and sweet, visually stunning display of recycled couture. These designs, made by post – primary school students (in both Dublin and Limerick), are a result of hard work, self-confidence and creative flair – showing us that ‘junk’ can have an interesting second use, instead of making it’s way to the bin. They shared the same stage as Lord Alan Sugar and Bear Grylls to name but a few of the leaders attending the summit.

Amphitrite, made by Raluca Buda (who also modelled the design), Michelle Kuzmicheva and Aimee Cloake from Presentation Secondary School, Warrenmount, Dublin 8. The main collur of this recycled couture outfit is black which is representative of oil spillages in the marine eco-system, due to human activity, and the harmful impacts these have for marine birds and mammals, as well as fish and shellfish.

Ripple, made and modelled by Cian Newman, St. Aidan’s CBS, Dublin. This piece, made from twenty year old blinds, and old household items represents our rivers. Cian tells us how rivers are beautiful, however sadly he has noticed ones in the local area becoming a dumping ground for rejected household items. Ripple is a personified river, which highlights natural beauty. The head piece represents a deconstructed raindrop, while the bodice conveys the rigling effect that occurs later – smooth flowing. Dynamic. And graceful. The river disperses and settles in the skirt of this Junk Kouture design.

Wipe Out, made by Leah Cosgrave, Nikoletta Kozma, and Nancy Ekhator who also modelled at the evet. The students attend Colaiste Nano Nagle in Limerick. The design was inspired by the waste caused by the use of face wipes and baby wipes. Fashion designer Olivier Rousteing and Beyonce inspired the look. Hard materials were used on the body suit such as bolts and jewellery to give it an armoire effect. The headpiece and armbands help create a look that portrays girls can be strong and mighty too, just like Beyonce!

Junk Kouture, now in its 10th year has become the leading live creative event for teenagers across Ireland. Inspiring those young people to let their creative talents flourish, as they are challenged to design and create wearable fashion from everyday junk. It is a process through which they learn valuable leadership skills on a journey of self – empowerment.