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Meet a JK creator from Paris!

Milene is a final year student at ICS Paris.  She entered the 2021 Junk Kouture Competition and has made it to the Grand Final which will be aired on National Television towards the end of the year.  Milene is naturally quite shy and does not like being the focus of people’s attention. However, her creative talents have certainly grabbed the attention of so many over the past couple of months.  Milene has always enjoyed upcycling her own clothes and adding new details to them to make them feel like new.  She wanted to challenge herself and push this hobby to the next level.  This is when she decided to take part in the Junk Kouture competition. 

Milene’s design is called ‘Dissociated Society’.  Her dress represents the social restrictions placed on us by society because of our income, personality, or other factors.  She believes that you can be several things all at once and that the labels placed upon us should not restrict us. The labels should not make us think less of ourselves or doubt our abilities to achieve our dreams.       

Milene’s design is made from an old tarpaulin that her parents used to cover the grass in her garden.  The tarpaulin was damaged and so was no longer of use.  Milene used it along with netting from fruit packaging, old notebook covers, and different beads and embellishments she has accumulated over time.  Milene worked for over six months on her amazing design.  She used different techniques such as weaving and also experimented with melting plastic to shape it into flowers. 

Milene took part in our Paris Launch photoshoot and stunned people on the streets of Paris as she toured the city with the Junk Kouture team.  She says the Junk Kouture experience has been like a dream for her.  We are so lucky to meet incredible designers like Milene every year.