Music makes a performance! From watching the live shows in the past, music really does get the audience engaged! We’ve included some tips to consider below (in the hope of making it to the regional finals);

• If your song is current and, in the charts, you might want to think twice. There’s a big chance someone else will select the same song. Be different and get your thinking cap on!

• You have 60 seconds to shine on the stage! Make sure you can choreograph a routine to your chosen song choice which you will be required to perform at the live shows.

• Select the correct 60 seconds of the song – this can be done on your team admin dashboard

• Audience participation is amazing – Junk Kouture is a live event, so it’s always good to consider the likeliness of audience participation in your routine – everyone loves to sing!

• Choose music and ca dance routine that reflects the theme and inspiration of your design.

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