A Chance to Change - Junk Kouture
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A Chance to Change


Coláiste Rís, Dundalk

Design Description

The concept behind our outfit is carbon footprint which is very topical in today’s day and age that is why we used shoes to represent that. The outfit begins dark dull and black representing the pollution that is being caused by us humans. The mask represents not being able to breathe due to the pollution. Also, the mask is designed to look like the old masks doctors use to wear during the plague so they wouldn’t get sick so our mask protects us from carbon emissions. Then the cloak is turned around and we see beautiful colorful flowers representing what our world could be like if we change our ways in the future. The flowers are made from the different materials of the upper part of the shoes. We see more color and flowers on the waistcoat as well as throughout the outfit. Our trousers are like armor which represents that we are like soldiers on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint.