Palette Prisoner - Junk Kouture
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Palette Prisoner


Ursuline Secondary School, Thurles

Design Description

There are two sides to every person; the perceived image and the true self-image which is often hidden behind layers of makeup. We wanted to theme our dress “Palette Prisoner” around the concept of self-image to raise awareness of self-image and mental health among young people and so, therefore, we chose to use products from the beauty industry such as boxes palettes cotton buds makeup brushes, and makeup bags. Our dress is made from these beauty products as we want to show everyone that a lot of us hide away our true feelings behind makeup. We act like we are perfect by covering our faces with a mask in the hope that others won’t notice. Sometimes when we don’t put on this mask and want to remain natural questions start to arise such as “are you feeling okay?” or “are you feeling unwell?”. This makes us feel we cannot be ourselves; we are trapped and become palette prisoners. This is why we used the hula hoop ribbons and strings to represent how caged in we are by the beauty products that we use inside the cage. The cage is not a stiff structure to show how we can break free from the pressure of perfectness. Our make-up is a 2 face feature that shows a melted face which shows although sometimes we enjoy doing makeup we do it more for others than ourselves. The quote we based our design on was “She wore a thousand faces just to hide her own”.