Eco-friendly fashion to make you go green at Fashion Fest - Junk Kouture

Eco-friendly fashion to make you go green at Fashion Fest

If you want to find out more about how you can look amazing while also doing your bit for the environment then look no further than Fashion Fest where eco-champions will be showcasing some recycled chic.

Young designers from schools across the North West will be resurrecting old materials and transforming them into stunning ensembles fit for the catwalk, at the North West’s premiere fashion event on Saturday, October 19.

Junk Kouture has been promoting its eco-friendly message for almost ten years with an annual competition harnessing the creativity of students from across Ireland.

The participants will now model some recent designs that have caught the attention of the Junk Kouture judges, and take the opportunity to promote the idea of recycled chic at the style showcase event in the Guildhall.

Business Support Officer with Derry City and Strabane District Council, Tara Nicholas, said the involvement of Junk Kouture opened up exciting new avenues in terms of exploring environmentally responsible fashion.

“I am delighted that the team at Junk Kouture are involved in this year’s event, as it highlights the importance of thinking about the materials we use and how we can revamp unused or unloved items.

“It’s a great way to get creative and rethink the design process, and how ordinary everyday items can become wearable.

“As a Council we are working towards a Zero Waste policy when it comes to the disposal of rubbish, and Junk Kouture really promotes that ethos of reusing and recycling but in a new and innovative way.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the showcase, and I hope it will inspire others to think more about how they dispose of unwanted items.”

Past discarded items that have inspired young designers have included everything from pieces of burnt pieces of toast to bike tyres – so participants in the competition can really let their imaginations run wild.

Junk Kouture Chief of Operations Megan Kelly said the Fashion Fest event would offer the perfect platform for the young designers to showcase their eco-friendly creations.

“I’m thrilled that our young designers have been invited to participate in Fashion Fest 2019,” she said. “Their designs showcase what can be done with recycled materials through inspiration and creativity.

“Now more than ever, making environmentally conscious fashion choices are important.

“With Junk Kouture, we are inviting the designers of the future to fashion incredibly creative ensembles entirely from recyclable materials. Year on year, students bring so much talent to the competition – the WOW factor is evident in their designs,” she said.

Junk Kouture has just launched its latest competition challenging students to create unique, original and innovative outfits from recycled materials and teachers can register to take part until November 01, 2019.

Students are invited to register from 6th-20thof January 2020 and can get to work on their ideas now ahead of the competition.

Last year’s designs included a tribute to designer Vivienne Westwood that included discarded window blinds, pillowcases and a football lining, as well as a butterfly-inspired creation titled ‘Chrysalis’ made from a variety of waste materials.