EdWeb Series is back for its second edition! - Junk Kouture

EdWeb Series is back for its second edition!

Join us for our next online, live session where you can meet the team, get tips from experienced Junk Kouture teachers and alumni, and join in on our live Q&A session, to help your students successfully complete their projects on time!


We will also share a link to our NEW Junk Kouture training programme, ‘Junk Kouture for Students’, specifically designed to inspire and motivate students partaking in the competition. We suggest it as a really useful tool that teachers could introduce in classroom time, or alternatively set it as a learning resource for students to engage in their own time. Join us on 1st Feb to hear more!



UK&EU: Tuesday, 1st Feb , 7-8pm (GMT)*

US: 1st Feb 3:30pm EST

UAE: 2nd Feb, 5pm GST


LOCATION: Live online via Zoom – registration link below


HOST: Dr. Dee Duffy, Director of Education, Junk Kouture


Click below to register now:


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