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World Designer of the Year



Cnoc Mhuire, Rathcronan, Granard, Co. Longford


Joshua Osabuehien
Solomon Eduard


Charmaine Hetherton

Design Description

Made By: 

Joshua Osabuehien and Solomon Eduard

School: Cnoc Mhuire, Granard, Co Longford

Educator: Charmaine Hetherton

Design Story: 

Step into the future with the Back to the Future  our 2022 World Designer of the Year.  A powerful, futuristic coat of armor that serves as a symbol of hope and sustainability. As our planet faces imminent collapse, it’s time to take action and change our ways. This thought provoking design not only looks incredible but also carries a profound message – we must go back in time, reconnect with our planet, and live sustainably to secure a future for ourselves and generations to come. Embracing a unique opportunity to stand out, make a statement, and join the movement towards a better tomorrow. The choice is ours-  survival of the fittest or creating a sustainable world for all.

Materials Used: 

Made from an old laundry basket, lens from a broken pair of sunglasses, wipers, chip pan, shower mat, rucksack, wire tubing, an aerial and scrap sheets of aluminium.