With student registration now open until Monday 20th January (6pm), we thought we would share some tips and guidelines with you about the student registration process.
#1 Photography Tips
We all know how important photos are, and these should show the design in full! We’ve put together a few tips and guidelines to help with this!! 
~ Make sure your outfit is on a person or a mannequin (should include full length front and back views)
~We want to see the materials you have used – make sure there is a ‘close up’ of the design which shows fine detail and craftsmanship of the recycled couture
~ We advise use of a plain (black or white) background which allows us to focus more on the design, rather than a picturesque landscape which may be in the background of the photos
~ Inspect your photos before uploading – check for good lighting conditions, avoid uploading blurred photos or ones with shadows
Upload a max. of 10 (good quality) photos, including a variety of angles, showing all the important elements of the design
All the important information can be found in the competition handbook. Available for download here:

Download the show programme here