JK ALUMNI: Rebecca McNally - Junk Kouture

JK ALUMNI: Rebecca McNally

My Junk Kouture Experience:

I participated in Junk Kouture in my Transition Year in 2016. Junk Kouture had always been something I had aspired to one day participate in, as I remember being in awe of the winning designs throughout the years. I participated as I hoped it would be an escape for myself from the pressures of school having just done my Junior Certificate Exams and I always absolutely adored fashion and design, so this was my big opportunity to get really inspired and let my creative juices flow!

My design was named A Tribute to Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie’s glam alter ego. ‘A Tribute to Ziggy Stardust’ was the Eastern Regional Winner 2016. The design took its root inspiration from the ‘power suit’ created for women in by fashion houses such as Prada and Givenchy. During the construction process in January 2016, the great David Bowie sadly died. Having a love for music this was huge for me and with the addition of shoulder pads, lightning bolts and sparkle, the suit transformed into a Tribute to the late David Bowie.

There were many challenges throughout my Junk Kouture journey, one of which was having to stand by my design no matter what opinions were thrown my way. Before Junk Kouture I lacked confidence as a person, I never would have thought I would have the self-belief to get on the catwalk of the 3 Arena and be my proudest, happiest self. But that is what Junk Kouture does for their students, it empowers them to do what they never thought they could. Junk Kouture inspired me to put pieces of myself, my old sheet music, my old Valentine’s Day cards, even my old rubbish into creating this suit which turned out to be the epitome of confidence, style and self-belief! The way I felt having conquered my fears and stepping onto the Junk Kouture catwalk with confidence, in a suit that gave me confidence, no matter what the outcome of the competition I had succeeded.


That was then. This is now.

Since Junk Kouture, I have gotten into my dream course in my dream university. I have travelled and met new people all over the world. I have made plans to live in France next summer, I have been honoured by Junk Kouture in their asking of me to become a Student Judge in the 2020 competition. I have worked hard and been promoted in my current line of work in fashion. I have been inspired to take up new hobbies, join the fashion society in college and put myself out there in the world! I can 100% say I would not be the person I am today if I had not made the decision to enter Junk Kouture back in 2016.