Shining light on Junk Koutures participating schools, educators and creators! 






Coláiste Nano Nagle Limerick has been participating in Junk Kouture from the outset. Over the past decade the competition has played an important part of our Senior Cycle Art, Green Schools and Transition Year Programmes.  


The competition offers our students a platform to showcase their creative abilities. Each year the students at our school eagerly await the reveal of the designs and this instils a great sense of pride and community amongst the student body.  


The competition has had many benefits for our students including gaining exposure in media, both local and national. Teams have appeared on national T.V., attended the Pendulum Summit, attended professional photoshoots, have been interviewed on the radio and performed in front of thousands in the 3Arena, Dublin. These experiences have allowed our students to develop their self-confidence, to promote their designs and environmental causes.  


The learning benefits of this competition are varied. As an educator it helps me to teach the design process. Students learn to define their concepts, collect materials, brainstorm, experiment and analyse, develop their designs, present their work, get feedback, and make improvements to create unique fashion design. This process helps them to develop lifelong skills in whatever career path they pursue.  


Teamwork is an important discipline promoted in Junk Kouture participation where students not only learn to work as a team but utilise the individual strengths of team members. Junk Kouture also celebrates the individual who dares to unleash their inner fashionista.  


The advice I would give any school integrating Junk Kouture into their curriculum is to help students to select an environmental theme and fashion look that they connect to and are passionate about. Researching contemporary and historical fashion, designers and fashion houses, looking at work being produced in fashion colleges, exploring national costumes and investigating local and international environmental issues will all help students to identify an area of study. The list of inspiration is endless!  


The highlight for our school has been watching our students’ bond as they cheer on their teams for their creative endeavours. As an art teacher it is wonderful to see a competition that celebrates the brave young artists who push the boundaries to promote eco-awareness.


I would undoubtedly recommend participating in Junk Kouture to any school as we have had many amazing experiences, and this has been one of our students most unforgettable moments of their time in Coláiste Nano Nagle.