Rules & Regulations


The following rules are designed to ensure that Junk Kouture is conducted as fairly and as efficiently as possible and are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Junk Kouture . Infringement of any of the rules listed below may lead to exclusion, at any time, of individuals or schools from present and/or future participation in Junk Kouture.


1.1 The Junk Kouture Recycled Fashion Competition is organised by Junk Kouture Ltd. and in partnership with RTÉ, by whose decision on all matters relating to the Competition will be final.

1.2 There is no fee for participating in Junk Kouture. Entries and all associated documentation must be submitted on-line.

1.3 An application will not be considered for judging unless all parts of the application are completed.

1.4 The closing date for receipt of online entries is 6pm on 20 January 2020 for students and by 6pm on 01 November 2019 for teachers. Under no circumstances will late entries be accepted.

1.5 Students must be in post-primary education and aged between 12-18 at 31 June 2020.

1.6 Students can win the title of Junk Kouture Overall Winner on more than one occasion. Previous winners of the title are eligible to re–enter the competition in subsequent years.

1.7 Designs that have been entered in other competitions can be accepted as entries to the Junk Kouture Recycled Fashion Competition, provided that this information is stated in the application entry form and provided there is no third-party restriction on entry.

1.8 Submission of an entry will not ensure the acceptance of a design as a regional finalist for the live events. A panel of screening judges will select the designs to go forward to the regional final shows and their decisions are final.

1.9 Students educated at home in the Republic of Ireland, i.e. not attending a registered school or college, are eligible to enter, provided that they are registered with the National Education Welfare Board (Republic of Ireland) and supply a copy of the registration certificate with their entry form.  Students from Northern Ireland in similar circumstances should contact us for guidance.

1.10 There is one competition entry for all with various prize categories to be considered for.

1.11 Students attending Primary Schools or Third Level Colleges are NOT eligible to enter.


2.1 All teachers must register for Junk Kouture between 01 October – 01 November 2019

2.2 Any extension to teacher registration is at the discretion of Junk Kouture Ltd.

2.3 If a teacher does not register within this time then their students will be unable to register a team under their mentorship in January, excluding them from the competition.

2.4 All teachers are required to (re) register for the 2020 competition even if they have entered in previous years.

2.5 Teachers must upload requested documentation to confirm their identity before their account can be verified (teaching council ID, photographic ID i.e. driver’s license)

2.6 Please ensure that the name provided at registration matches documentation. If there is a difference i.e. maiden name in use for teaching purposes, please include this in registration notes

2.7 Special Needs Assistants are invited to register at this time whereby a student has additional needs – please select SNA from the dropdown and proceed with the registration process.


3.1 Student registration opens on 6 January 2020 and closes on 20 January 2020.

3.2 Student Registration should include the below information:

Selection of assigned design teacher name and SNA name if required

  • Name of school and the region you wish to participate in
  • Design team names (maximum of three team members, to also state name of model), D.O.B, addresses, contact number
  • Design description: this should include the idea and inspiration behind the creation, listing materials, how it was made, how it promotes sustainability, key messages.
  • Design materials: all materials used must be listed.
  • Photographs: clear images of the design must be included. One image must display the design in its entirety.
  • Music: student must upload no more than 60 seconds of music, which will be used at live events. This music must be uploaded in mp3 format. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that any changes to the music upload are completed by 01 February 2020, as selections cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Team Video: A 60 second video of your creation.

3.3 All sections of the Student Registration must be completed in order to be considered in the initial judging stages.

3.4 Junk Kouture designs must be submitted as either an individual or team application.

3.5 A student can only enter one design into the competition, whether they are entering as an individual or as part of a team.

3.6 Teams can consist of a maximum of 3 students (this includes the model).

3.7 Students on the one team must attend the same school.

3.8 Individual designs may be submitted in the competition and once submitted cannot be re–classified as a team submission (i.e. no further team members can be added). In addition, if a student enters an individual project which fails to qualify, for the regional finals they are not eligible to transfer to a qualified group design at any time.

3.9 Each team must appoint a team admin who will submit all the relevant information in the application for the competition. The final application should reflect the coordinated efforts of all registered team members.

3.10 In exceptional circumstances, teams may wish to decrease or increase the number of people participating in their accepted design team (max 3 students). Any such proposed changes need to be submitted to Junk Kouture before the 31 January 2020 via email to detailing the proposed change(s) and the exceptional circumstances necessitating them. Failure to do so will lead to the proposed changes being rejected and the design being judged in the original grouping in which it was entered. Junk Kouture’s decision as to whether such changes are acceptable will be final.

3.11 It is expected that most of the work for a design will be conducted in the school, home, or the outside environment (i.e. after school club). Students should seek guidance and advice from their teacher and other sources however the student’s work should be completed solely by the students involved in the design.

3.12 A student may only be part of one design project. If a student has entered a design that does not qualify for the regional finals, they cannot be added to a qualified design team at a later date.

3.13 Students are responsible for the promotion of their design.

3.14 Students must refrain from making statements and claims that may bring Junk Kouture, the competition and relevant stakeholders, into disrepute. Failure to do so, will result in expulsion from the competition.

3.15 Junk Kouture will use students’ personal information only as set out in its’ privacy notice which can be found here  If a student wishes to access their personal data, delete, or update information, they can do so by contacting Junk Kouture.


4.1 All materials used by designers must be recycled or repurposed. New materials are prohibited.

4.2 All materials used must be safe to model and exhibit, and must not contain any pyro, toxic or dangerous materials. Should a student be unsure, they should consult Junk Kouture by email.

4.3  Designers are prohibited from using any alcohol, tobacco or drugs branding or packaging unless these are being used to promote the harmful effects of misuse.

4.4 Designs that have been entered into Junk Kouture in previous years will not be accepted unless the design has undergone significant further development and enhancement.

4.5 Models must wear appropriate undergarments under designs when performing at the live events.


5.1 Upon being selected to perform at the live events of Junk Kouture, students should confirm attendance for the live event with Junk Kouture.

5.2 All design teams must be accompanied by their registered teacher when attending the live event.

5.3 Teams are expected to arrive at the venue on time for check-in at 9:30am on the morning of the live event. Upon check-in, teams will be required to be signed in by their registered teacher, who will also receive check-in packs and relevant information for the day’s itinerary. Designers must attend the full event day and remain at the venue throughout the day. Arrival from 9:30am. Event finishes at 10:30pm approximately.

Should a registered teacher be unable to attend, they must notify Junk Kouture and nominate a representative to attend on their behalf. This person should be Garda vetted, and approved to work with minors. This information must be forwarded to Junk Kouture prior to the live event.

5.4 All qualified teams will be allocated an individual ticket to the show (except the model who does not require a ticket for the show). Wristbands will be provided, and it is important that both participating teachers and students wear these at all times.

5.5 Junk Kouture will provide dressing room space for performers. Please note that the allocation of this is the responsibility of the backstage management team. Junk Kouture cannot guarantee that any specific requests will be catered for.

5.6 Design teams will be responsible for transporting their design to and from the venue for the live shows.

5.7 Designers will be responsible for their own hair and make-up and any design requirements in advance of the show i.e. alterations and fixings. Please ensure tools, mirrors, props are brought to the live show.

5.8 All teams and teachers should follow any instructions from employees of the venue and the backstage and production teams.

5.9 Dressing rooms, holding areas & backstage should be kept clean & tidy, with easy access for crew & venue staff with no obstructions blocking entries, exits or the movement of other teams.

5.10 The backstage area, dressing rooms & any holding areas are run by the Stage Manager & her team of Assistant Stage Manager & Chaperones. They are there to make sure of your safety & that you are where you’re supposed to be at the right time. They are not responsible for helping teams with costume, hair or make-up. However, if you have an issue, please let your assigned Chaperone know immediately & we will endeavour to help you resolve it as quickly as possible.

5.11 There is no smoking anywhere backstage or in the auditorium. This includes vaping. Anyone caught smoking will be ejected from the venue & competition

5.12 There is no alcohol permitted within the venue either backstage, in the auditorium or in any other public areas. Anyone caught drinking alcohol (or suspected of being under the influence of alcohol) will be ejected from the venue & competition.

5.13 Junk Kouture will provide snacks to participating designers. However, the company will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by students travelling to or from the event, or during their attendance.

5.14 Should the student assigned as a model for their design team be unable to perform at the live shows, it is very important that Junk Kouture is notified of this. Failure to notify Junk Kouture of this may result in the design team unable to showcase their design at the live shows. Junk Kouture should be notified of any issues surrounding a live performance.

5.15 Junk Kouture will not accept responsibility for damage to, or loss of, design materials or personal belongings. Designers are advised to remove all valuable items from the backstage in advance of the live show.

5.16 Under no circumstances are parents, guardians, or students allowed backstage – outside of those participating in the competition and registered with Junk Kouture.


6.1 Models will be brought backstage in groups of ten. Silence is mandatory whilst backstage. After your performance is finished, you should follow the Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager or your Chaperone’s instructions until you have been brought back to your dressing room/holding area.

6.2 All models must wear shoes when performing on stage.

6.3 Glitter, water and pyro are not permitted to be used during the models’ performance.


7.1 The judges are responsible for the selection of winners. These decisions are final.

7.2 The judges reserve the right to withhold awards in the event of designs not reaching satisfactory design standard and live performance.

7.6 The judges reserve the right to withhold awards and exclude designs, if designers have not adhered to the rules and regulations of the Junk Kouture competition.


8.1 Junk Kouture award winners will be selected and announced on the night of the live events.

8.2 Models must remain in their design until after the awards are announced.

8.3 The overall Junk Kouture winner may not represent any other organisation until the following year’s winners are announced.

8.4 Award winners must consent for Junk Kouture to access their design for company purposes where required for up to 12 months post competition.



9.1 Junk Kouture will award prizes for the following categories:

  • Winning School –
  • Overall Winning Team
  • 5 x Regional Winners (North, East, South East, South, West)
  • 2 x Glamour Awards
  • Enterprise Award
  • Creative for a Cause Award
  • The Finishing Touches Awards
  • Most Unusual Material Award
  • Best Performance Award
  • JK Film Award
  • Teacher Hall of Fame Award
  • Junior Award
  • Griffith College Bursary
  • Limerick School of Art & Design Bursary

The full list of prizes is available on the Junk Kouture website.

9.2 All awards (trophies) will be presented to the winning design teams at the live Grand Final event.

9.3 Prizes will be sent to schools for the attention of the assigned teacher to allocate to the winning design teams.

9.4 The prize money for the overall Junk Kouture winner and their school will be paid by bank transfer to the individual accounts supplied.

9.5 Junk Kouture will hold a presentation at the winning school post live event.

9.6 Junk Kouture shall endeavour to send all prizes and pay all prize monies in accordance with and subject to these rules on or before 30th May 2020 but Junk Kouture shall have no liability for failure to pay monies on or before such date.


10.1 Junk Kouture will commission a photographer to take photographs of the Junk Kouture live events. Junk Kouture retains the right to use any photograph taken of participants in the Junk Kouture competition in accordance with our privacy notice.

10.2 Junk Kouture reserves the right to use images/videos from live events for promotional and marketing purposes, both online and in print, in accordance with its’ privacy notice.  Junk Kouture is under no obligation to make use of any photos taken at the events.

10.3 Junk Kouture retains the right to publish information in regard to all designs entered the Junk Kouture competition in accordance with our privacy policy.

10.4 As media partner of Junk Kouture, RTÉ will interview students and film footage for use on its broadcast channels for marketing and promotional purposes.


11.1 Design content and materials remains the property of the designers but must be made available for Junk Kouture for publication or exhibition purposes for up to 12 months post competition.

11.2 Design content and materials must be made available for use of Junk Kouture partners and sponsors, when required for up to 12 months post competition. In these cases, design teams will be issued no fewer than 14 days’ notice prior to the event. All partners must hold relevant insurances for use of designs.


12.1 Participants may be subject to promotional activity from partners / sponsors. This activity must be approved by Junk Kouture beforehand, with students and teachers being informed of this prior.

12.2 Participants will not be subject to any unlawful promotions, or indeed, be required to partake in promotional activity deemed unsuitable by Junk Kouture. These cases will be examined on a case-by-case basis by Junk Kouture.

12.3 Participants may be required  to become involved in publicity and advertising campaigns for Junk Kouture. This activity will be outlined to the registered teacher initially and must be approved by the registered teacher.


13.1 Junk Kouture expects all relevant stakeholder – teachers, schools, participants – to respect the values and standards of Junk Kouture, as listed in the Junk Kouture Values.

13.2 Junk Kouture respects the right to privacy. Full details are included in the Junk Kouture Privacy Policy.


14.1 Entrant must document the journey of a current Junk Kouture designer

14.2 All music included in the video must be rights free or original.

14.3 The film entry must be no more than 5 minutes.

14.4 The film must be shot horizontally.

14.5 Applicant must be aged between 12-18 years old. 

14.6 Camera and editing applications are irrelevant- create with whatever you have access to. 

14.7 The judges’ decisions are final on selection of the winner.

14.8 Should the prize trip to Cannes Film Festival not proceed in the year 2021 due to the current circumstances and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), an alternative prize to the same value will be issued to the winning film maker.

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